Drive Pinion Companion Flange Sub-Assembly

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The Drive Pinion Companion Flange Sub-Assembly (#41204-0K100), a key Drive-Chassis component in Toyota's Rear Axle Housing & Differential system, plays a crucial role in transferring torque from the drive shaft to the differential. As this auto part spins, it engages the drive pinion, allowing the differential to distribute power to the wheels. Over time, wear and tear can result in reduced performance or even failure. If this component becomes old or broken, it could lead to uneven power distribution, causing poor vehicle handling or even loss of control. Utilizing genuine Toyota parts not only ensures vehicle compatibility but also benefits from Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Regular replacement of the Drive Pinion Companion Flange Sub-Assembly (#41204-0K100) significantly contributes to maintaining optimal vehicle performance and safety.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 41204-0K100

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